Architectural Drawing Live and Farm on One Plot of Land Commercially

Started by Lamson, Oct 15, 2022, 09:24 AM

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Architectural Drawing/Design to Live and Farm on One Plot of Land Commercially

One Square Meter Farm Teaches you how to take your backyard and front lawn to new levels of productivity and profitability that go far beyond traditional home farming practices. Whether you want to farm professionally, or produce a significant supply of commercial-grade of mini animal like Goat, Catfish, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Grasscutter, Quail Birds, turkey etc for your family and commercial-level farm. Follow the system that has already launched thousands of new home and community-based farm operations throughout Nigeria.

We believe you deserve the opportunity to enjoy fresh, home grown, organic food that meets your individual eating preferences with as much or as little personal involvement in the growing experience as you desire. Our "miniature farm" systems are designed to provide maximum produce in a minimum amount of space

Here are One Square Meter Farm Key Characteristics:
•  Production based
•  Sub-acre in scale
•  Low capital intensive
•  Entrepreneurially driven
•  Environmentally friendly
•  Close to markets

Here are the advantages to One Square Meter Farm:
•  It is non-technical and easy-to-learn.
•  It is inexpensive to implement.
•  It eliminates much trial and error.
•  It accelerates progress.
•  It provides specific benchmarks to measure success.
•  It provides more control over outcomes and income.

We help you answer questions like!
What would my plots of land eventually look like?
How would it be organized?
How much land would be in production?
These are the questions you struggled with when setting up a farm/house

A Modern 3Bed Room flat on one Plot of Land 120 feet 
10 by 8 feet office
4000 Catfish Pond Capacity
200 Grasscutter Pens Capacity
500 Rabbit Hutch Capacity
100 Poutlry capacity
Garden for family Use/Car Park 13by70feet Land Size

Roof Plan
Section plan
Elevation plan
2D plan


NOTE: The current cost charged by an architect for the design of a 3-bedroom house plan is between ₦150,000 to ₦500,000

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