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Author Topic: Choice of land and preparation for a maize farm  (Read 3974 times)
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According to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, any well drained sandy loam or loamy soil can be used for planting maize. Any method (mechanical, chemical and manual) that can adequately remove weeds and keep the soil loose for good seedbed could be used, and as much as possible, residue of the previous crop should be incorporated into the soil.
For large scale planting, clearing method should ensure preservation of the topsoil when uprooting and clearing trees mechanically. Maize should be planted immediately after land preparation to allow it to get ahead of weeds. When the land is ploughed mechanically, the depth of planting should not be more than two inches.

Keep the maize clean weeded until it flowers, by weeding several times. Early weeding is important.

Apply a suitable insecticide dust and put it done the funnel immediately after singling. Dust again later if stalkborer damage is seen.

Dress your cobs before putting them in the store with the recommended insecticide.

(a) Do save seed from this hybrid maize. Hybrid maize gives yields because it is special freshly crossed seed. Seed kept from hybrid maize will produce crops which are about 20% poorer than crops grown with new seed.

(b) The seed has been treated with seed dressing against seeding diseases and pests. The seed dressing is POISONOUS.

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