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We plant plantain sucker
– Site selection, where to plant?
– Selecting the best varieties and seedlings
– Field design
– Layout of design in the field

• If you are planting a larger number of suckers then it makes sense to think carefully and plan the layout of the new field.

• To do so you have to take into account: planting density, number of trees, shade trees, slope of the field and windbreaks.

• Planting density refers to the number of trees you plant in a  given area.

• The planting density is influenced by:
– Size of the mature suckers (larger trees means lower planting density)
– Amount of maintenance you intend to do (higher planting density means higher maintenance, more pruning in particular)
– The soil fertility and if fertiliser will be applied every year (no fertiliser means higher planting density as trees will stay smaller)
Generally, the Plantain requires 10 to 12 months from planting to harvest.

Farm Business setup can help you plant your sucker @ affordable rate
Call Yemi 08036320607

Plantain Plantation Location: ODE LEMO OGUN STATE
On 40 acres of Farm land

The first priority to consider when planting Plantain is to use the proper soil. It is very important to use a well draining soil MIXTURE and 20% PERLITE should be added to it to assure that you have good draining soil. Do not use heavy soils when growing Plantain such as potting soil, or soil from a yard. Plant the Plantain rhizome upright and be sure the roots are well covered and the rhizome has about 1/2" of the base covered with soil.

We advise that you water and fertilize Plantain at the same time using any type of balanced fertilizer to help grow Plantain. Plantain are heavy feeders so we suggest that you fertilize very lightly each time that you water with the exception being that you do not fertilize if you are not seeing active growth.( Balanced fertilizer means - a fertilizer that has three numbers on the label ). After your initial watering we would not water again until your soil is dry to a 1/2" depth. ( Use your finger to test it ). Please do not expect this to be a plant that you "water once a week". If you water once a week it is unlikely that you will have success growing this rhizome

Plantain suckers THAT WE SHIP weigh 5 to 8 ounces, sometimes more. They are rooted and ready to plant. The pseudostem ( trunk ) is usually 6" - 8" long. Prior to packing the Plantain Rhizomes we cut off the leaves. This is a standard procedure. It would not be practical to attempt to box/bag the plant with leaves intact because they would arrive damaged badly after being in a box/bag for 4 to 8 days without light or any air and in the dry season the leaves would be "cooked". Once planted it takes only 4 to 10 days for a large new leaf to emerge

We provide Plantain suckers with rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential.
(Giant Elephant Plantain Specie a.k.a AGBAGBA ERIN).
Large quantities and as much as you demand.
We can deliver to any city in Nigeria

Call Yemi 08036320607

Plantain Plantation Location: ODE LEMO OGUN STATE
On 40 acres of Farm land

Thinking that we might live you after your purchase? Definitely no! We assure you of maximum support when you need us. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for the way ahead. You can contact us at or call the following numbers 07081447709

8 Kolab close off Olomowewe,
Adiyan Gasline (Agbado Oja)
Ogun State.

20min drive from Abeokuta Express way Lagos
Ajala Bus stop, Ijaye Bus stop, or Kola Bus stop

20min drive from Fagba Road Lagos
Iju station Kola Bus stop or Ishaga Lagos Kola Bus stop
Just call 08036320607 for directions to the farm

Instant Help Desk
Mobile: 08036320607
Office 09082002651, 07081447709
BlackBerry Pin: 7b73405B
WhatsApp: +237081447709

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