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Rabbits require different quantities of food at different stages of growth. The average intake of an animal ranges from 120g to 150g per day. A lactating doe will need 350g - 380g per day. The concentrate feed should be supplemented with green food or hay. The roughage is best fed in the evening as rabbits are much more active at night.
Roughages and greens should be available all the time. Rabbits eat most vegetable matter such as potato and carrot peelings, vegetable scraps etc. They thrive on weeds (especially chick weed, amaranth and thistles).
Other examples of good rabbit feed include lucerne, chopped napier grass, sweet potato vines and fresh green grass if it is available.
After the rains there is usually an abundance of wild herbs and weeds that rabbits will enjoy but ensure at all times that your rabbits have a varied diet of roughage and greens.

Concentrates (rabbit pellets or rabbit mash) should be fed twice a day as follows:

    * 0 - 16th week after weaning give 65 - 100 g/day
    * Pregnant does give 225 g/day/doe
    * Active Buck give 90 - 100 g/day

Examples of forages for feed:
Guinea grass
(Panicum maximum)
Pangola grass
(Digitaria decumbens)
Devil's grass
(Cynodon dactylon)
Pond grass
(Commelina elegans)
Antigua hay grass
(Dicanthium aristatum)
Elephant grass
(Pennisetum purpureum)
Rabbit vine
(Teramnus labialis)
Blue pea
(Clitoria ternatea)
River Tamarind
(Leucaena leucocephala)
Sweet potato vines
(Ipomoea battatus)
Pigeon pea husks
(Cajanus cajan)

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